Blue COB

Marl are pleased to introduce the new Citizen Blue COB LED. A revolutionary product from Citizen, these Blue COBs are the brightest and most compact blue LED in the world.

Citizen's Blue COB LEDs are a high flux density light source and offer high efficiency due to higher beam transmittance. These products emit pure light at 455nm, are available in 3 LES sizes of φ14.5, φ22.0, φ32.8, and power ranges from 10W to 600W.

Blue COBs offer a contemporary twist to landscape or architectural lighting; and are ideal for stage lighting applications.

Blue light has higher transmitting property in water making Citizen's Blue COBs perfect for aquarium and marine lighting, and ideal for fish farming as it helps improve the growth rate and productivity of the fish. Additionally, one of the most beneficial uses of the new Blue COBs is in chicken and poultry farming; the blue light has a calming effect on chicken and birds making blue lamps useful catch lamps.

Would you like more information on Citizen Blue COBs? Marl offer a full lighting component solution of Citizen products to make your COB come alive in your application. Contact Karl or Katie:

Karl Brooks
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Katie Higgins
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