Citizen's Vivid Series expresses the subtle beauty of the original colour of objects.

Citizen Electronics have developed high chromatic LEDs in response to the growing demand for high quality lighting with original colour enhancement. Citizen's new Brilliant and Natural Types in the Vivid range make the original colours of objects look more vivid through the enhancement of chroma.

General vs. vivid lighting example

The Natural type enhances the colour of an object whilst making the object look natural, and is ideally suited to space lighting; the Brilliant Type illuminates an object more vividly and is most suitable for spotlights and display lighting.

General vs. vivid lighting example 2

Citizen's Vivid Series is highly recommended for store lighting, museums, and picture studios to emphasize colour, and lighting for educational facilities to improve the contrast between light and dark, i.e. making dark writing on light paper easier to read.

The main specifications for the Vivid Brilliant and Natural Type are: 

CLU028 CLU038 and CLU048 specifications

Samples and datasheets are available, please contact the Marl Sales Team