890series.jpgA new addition to the Marl product range is the 890 Series; a rework of the Marl Orion now using Yuji Flexistrip.

The new 890 Series features an attractive, lightweight, anodised aluminium housing, is impact resistant and robust, and available with a clear or diffused lens. 

Adding the Yuji Flexistrip means this product is high quality and high CRI (minimum 95) and offers an accurate representation of colours under illumination. With a uniform light output for the length of the unit, the 890 Series offers consistent illumination and outstanding reliability. 

The 890 Series comes in a variety of lengths and colour temperatures; warm white can be used to create a soft and relaxing effect, whilst cool white gives a clean and bright effect. 

For more information on the 890 Series please contact our team:

T 01229 582430