LED Solutions for the Rail IndustryMarl’s LED Gauge Illuminators provide the best backlight solution for rolling stock speedometer and brake gauges. The Gauge Illuminator product family has inbuilt protection against electrical transients, plus diode protection to guard against reverse polarity connection making this unit ultra-reliable. The use of high intensity white LEDs gives excellent information definition.

Marl has been adapting LED technology to provide innovative, stylish, and functional indicator solutions for more than four decades. Supported by world-class in-house design and manufacturing facilities, Marl is recognised internationally as industry pioneers and experts acknowledge a product offering that is synonymous with high performance and quality. We proudly design and manufacture all of our components and indicators from our base in Cumbria, UK.

Generic features include high intensity colours, wide range of operating voltage options (including a bi-polar range), high quality materials and ruggedized construction methods to ensure reliability for a wide range of demanding applications. Marl LED components enhance the quality, high performance, and reliability of the host equipment, optimising the man machine interface and user experience. They are ideal for professional applications, including defence, aerospace, rail, and specialised industrial markets, such as processing and automation plant, fire, and security and mobile equipment.

Marl lighting solutions for the Rail Industry include our 240 Series (can be used with remote phosphor technology) and 241 series Bulb Replacement LEDs, 671 and 675 series Panel Indicator LEDs, and our 084 Series Bulkhead.

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