Arianna on Live Chat

Forty years ago when I started my career at Marl, we used to order components parts by letter from the US and they would be delivered within a week! The postal service was so slick in those days that it worked. Things started to slow down about 1980 so we decided to invest in a telex machine, facsimile came along one or two years later revolutionising the way that engineers and buyers in industries all over the world communicated with one another.

Although email is now the most utilised form of communication from Marl to our customer base around the world, I think it is reassuring that face-to-face meetings and discussion are still the most effective form of communication. However, we have recently decided to offer the facility of Live Chat via the Marl website, mostly during UK office hours, and it seems to work really well. I like that we offer customers their choice of how they wish to communicate with us at any one time, and Live Chat is especially useful because of the very wide range of products that Marl offers; ranging from components to complete systems, which is unusual these days.

Karl Brooks, European Account Manager, says of the live chat facility "It's interesting. It enables us to provide an immediate response to enquiries, and is a useful tool where a language barrier may be a concern."

The Marl team are nearly all capable of handling technical and commercial enquiries, with each person possessing their own area of specialism. So if someone needs to know the current best performing LED of light engine, help with specifying an LED driver, semi-customising an LED panel lamp, or wants to discuss a new requirement for something that does not yet exist, then please try out the Marl Live Chat service.

Business Development Assistant, Katie Higgins, says "Live Chat opens up contact from all over the world and also attracts people that may otherwise look at our website and move on. As we are there people who wouldn't ordinarily ask for help often do."