Photo from Lux LiveOn the 18th-19th November 2015, Marl joined forces with Nanoco Technologies to bring the world's first CFQD® LED Lighting products to LuxLive.

This next generation technology proved to be a huge hit at the show as visitors learned that CFQD® Quantum Dots can allow customisation of colour to a level that the lighting industry has never seen before. Utilising our complimentary technology, Marl has taken our superior LED design and combined it with Nanoco's leading CFQD® Quantum Dot film to create a brand new line of products, ideal for applications where colour quality is essential.

"It was clear to everyone visiting that Marl and Nanoco have a unique relationship which utilises our different capabilities to bring a joint development to market. LuxLive was overall an excellent show and promoted our expertise to the LED Lighting industry, and our outstanding links to new technology."
-- Rob Woodhouse, Design Manager
"After all the hype surrounding the Marl/Nanoco relationship before the show, it was good to finally get down to business. We were really impressed with the amount and quality of the enquiries we had in our products, in particular the Cool White and the Grow Light technology. CFQD® Quantum Dots offer something unique to the lighting industry and the team never tiered showing off this new technology to interested parties."
-- Torsten Schanze, General Manager, Nanoco Lighting

As well as introducing this brand new technology with Nanoco, LuxLive also gave Marl the opportunity to tell visitors about our wide ranging capabilities. With over 40 years of experience Marl can offer not only specific LED based design using our Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Centre, but also general electronics design, consultancy, rapid prototyping, PCB assembly and end-product manufacturing and assembly; all under one roof.

"So many people were drawn to our stand for the CFQD® technology, and were even more impressed to find that all design, prototyping and manufacturing is done in house, in the UK at Marl and that we offer a fantastic "all round" engineering service. I was told by a visitor that we were at one point the busiest stand at the show!"
-- Alan Otway, Engineering Manager

Marl and Nanoco hosted a talk in the Tech Theatre, "Quantum Dots and how they'll revolutionise colour in lighting", which was well received and was a fantastic opportunity to teach visitors about exactly how this technology will benefit the lighting industry.

"The Marl and Nanoco stand offered true innovation and demonstration of UK based capability, and that is why we were constantly one of the busiest stands! It was great to be widely regarded as the best in the show in terms of technology, presentation and professionalism."
-- Adrian Rawlinson, Marl International

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