After an intense period of research and design activity, Yuji, the specialists in high CRI technology, and Marl have collaborated to combine Yuji’s high performance LED lighting components with Marl’s bulb replacement and electronic systems design expertise to push the boundaries of product performance. Marl and Yuji have developed a filament replacement LED lamp for an Art Gallery and Museum application requiring an exceptionally high colour quality white light reproduction, but also low UV and IR.

Rob Woodhouse, Technical Manager for Marl International Ltd, comments “This is some of the best LED materials technology that I have seen in a very long time. It has real potential to enhance LED lighting performance and I can already see a number of applications in the UK market which could, and probably will, benefit from this technology! Applications include, but are not exclusive to, indoor commercial lighting, film and photography lighting, and natural high colour reproduction lighting.” Rob’s client added “Yuji‘s technology promises to change the face of lighting as we know it!”

Not surprisingly this led both companies to quickly realise the synergies and scope for a wider collaboration, culminating in Ted Bai, International Business Manager, LED Division for Yuji, and Adrian Rawlinson, Managing Director, Marl International Ltd, signing a distribution agreement in Amsterdam (on one of the hottest days of the year in September 2016!) for Marl to represent Yuji in the UK, including Northern Ireland.

Adrian Rawlinson, Managing Director of Marl International Ltd and Ted Bai, International Business Manager, LED Division for Yuji
Adrian Rawlinson, Managing Director of Marl International Ltd and Ted Bai, International Business Manager, LED Division for Yuji

Adrian Rawlinson commented rhetorically “What do we bring to the market working together? Well the word ‘Yuji’ means ‘universal’. I think that coupled with Marl’s experience, brand presence in the UK and capability offers customers, existing and new, all embracing and comprehensive support. We look forward to working with the Yuji team.”

Ted Bai added, “We chose to work with Marl because we believe in the synergy between Marl’s rich experience in LED technology and Yuji’s expertise in color science. As a company with a background in chemical materials, we are always looking for a catalyst to help us enter new markets. We believe we have found that in Marl, and are confident that Marl’s outstanding capability in marketing and product development will make the chemistry work and help bring to the UK market a new brand of ‘Made in China’ LED products, which represents better light quality and product workmanship, rather than just a low price.”

What does the future hold? With Yuji technology pushing the boundaries in terms of white light quality, the opportunity to enhance high end product performance to challenge, and even match, halogen performance presents one of the most exciting opportunities.

Daylight comparison graph
This performance graph illustrates the step change in performance that Yuji technology offers to designers in the UK market.

VX 2700K graph
The CIE D27 shows the ultimate performance graph (2,700K warm white, halogen replacement), but does come at the cost of an efficiency reduction of 40% compared to some existing devices used in todays LED lighting systems.

Standard LED CRI Values (82 CRI)
Low R9 values have been a concern for lighting designers and manufacturers alike since LED technology started to disrupt the lighting market at the beginning of the 21st Century.

Yuji LED CRI Values (98 CRI)
Notice how the R9 values have been boosted and that Yuji are achieving CRI 98 Ra, a very high value and above the accepted norm for colour quality (which is currently about CRI 90 Ra).

Representative samples of all series types will be available during November 2016 for customer evaluation. Marl also offer comprehensive technical support, including field sales visits with technology demonstrations. Customers can also use the live chat facility during office hours for an instant response to most technical and commercially orientated questions and enquiries, just go to the Marl website.

The Marl Technical Sales Team are especially looking to support the photographic lighting industry, including film and paper manufacturers, TV and studio lighting, museums, galleries, medical, transport, (including aerospace), and niche professional and industrial markets.

For more information please contact the Marl Team

Karl Brooks

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