795 Series in Triple Configuration

The new 795 Series Floodlight range epitomises reduced energy, reduced maintenance with higher performance, which all add up to enhance safety, whilst reducing true through life costs.

We've designed this superb new Floodlight because our customers told us they need it, because they need a "fit and forget" solution. Most of these types of fitting are mounted higher than 3m above ground level, consequently once installed they are inaccessible and expensive to repair, or replace. The Marl 795 Series offers an innovative approach to Floodlighting and Highbay Lighting schemes, with an impressive list of features especially created to suit this type of demanding application:

  • Modular configuration: The 795 Series can be grouped as a luminaire in single, double, or triple configurations; with a 30°FWHM beam the modules can be individually angle adjusted to give the desired photometric performance where the light is needed.
  • Higher quality light: With a colour temp of 5000k and CRI of >70 the quality of light is far superior to many conventional light sources, such as HID and Sodium Discharge Lamps, and cheaper LED alternatives. The 795 series can be mounted at heights greater than 10m with superb light distribution, colour rendering, and pure white light.
  • Light Output: Each module emits ~9,600 lumens.
  • Sealed to IP66 and black anodised: ensures this product offers many years of reliable service in both exterior and interior installations.
  • Reduced energy: power consumption of 95 watts for a single configuration, 175 watts for a double configuration, and 305 watts for a triple configuration.
  • High Reliability: lifetime estimated in excess of 70,000 hours, greater than 4 times that of a conventional sodium discharge lamp.
  • Warranty: the 795 Series comes with a 5 year warranty.
  • Value for money: due to the high reliability and performance characteristics, the 795 really does offer the discerning customer a competitive replacement to traditional life sources.

Additional Technical Information:

The 795 Series utilises multi-fin technology for exceptional thermal management, extreme high power (xhp) Cree LEDs, high efficiency optics, and ultra-long life power supply. Collectively this enables unrivalled lumen performance, reliability, and low lumen depreciation. It is supplied complete with stainless steel fixings, the rear bracketry allows for multiple fixing points; wall, pole, or chain mounting is possible. The power supply unit is mounted on the external bracketry in free-air to maximise heat dissipation and long term reliability.

Full IES and LDT Light output files are available, and a full "Photometric Test Report".

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