Indicator in situ on F1 carA new Marl LED is to be fitted to all Formula One cars for the 2009 Formula One Season, following its approval by the FIA. The LED is used as an indicator for the new Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems.

The mechanical KERS system utilises flywheel technology developed to recover and store a moving vehicle’s kinetic energy mechanically or electrically in a supercap/battery. The energy is received from the driveline as the vehicle decelerates, and is subsequently released back into the driveline as the vehicle accelerates. The FIA has defined the amount of energy recovery for the 2009 season as 400kJ per lap giving the driver an additional 80hp over a period of 6.67 seconds.

When the F1 car stops, the Green LED indicates that it is safe for anyone to touch the car, and the KERS system has been shutdown correctly.

The Marl LEDs specified operate at 5VDC & 8VDC voltages off Formula One vehicle electrics. It is a Green lamp, featuring a smoked lens to give the maximum on-off contrast. The LED intensity has been enhanced and is fully potted and sealed to protect it against the cleaning chemicals used, as well as spillages of fuel and other substances.