Helicopter at Marl Business Park

Marl Business Park offers high quality suites in an environment that breeds success and helps businesses to thrive; one of the facilities offered at Marl Business Park is free and well-lit parking for tenants and visitors. We can offer parking for bikes, motorbikes, fuel cars, electric cars, and helicopters!

The Chairman of one of the tenant businesses here at Marl Business Park occasionally commutes to work in his privately owned Guimbal Cabri G2 helicopter.

The aircraft represents state-of-the-art technology in light helicopters, and is the first to be certified to the latest EASA standards. With over 150 machines delivered, the Guimbal Cabri G2 is the first piston-engined machine certified from scratch in the last 30 years.

During a recent visit members of the Marl team were invited to take a look at the helicopter, and almost immediately Nathan Orton, Operations Director, spotted Marl's 677 Series Panel Lamp LEDs fitted in the console within the helicopters cockpit. One of our most popular and versatile panel lamps, the 677 series is ideal for status panel indication in high vibration applications and can be fitted with an EMC Mesh under the lens to prevent against electro-magnetic interference and radio frequency interference, perfect for a control panel in a helicopter!

The pilot tells us "The helicopter is a delight to fly and represents the latest in light helicopter performance and safety. Being able to fly in to our offices from time to time is very convenient and a perfect illustration of the cooperation we have received from Marl over the last two years as tenants. The offices are perfect for our needs and Marl is just so easy to do business with".

Graham Round, Head of Distribution and expert in Marl's Panel Lamp range, said "The 677 Series is perfect for this type of application as the high brightness LED colours combined with the smoked lens give excellent on/off contrast ratio. In addition, the panel indicators are sealed and internally potted making them ideal for high vibration applications. We are confident that the LED panel lamps will give many years of reliable indication".