Temple sign illuminatedA total of 443 of Marl’s 676 Series Panel Indicator LEDs have been used in signage at London’s Sri Murugan Temple to illuminate the Lord Murugan sign. 

Temple signKatie Higgins, Customer Account Manager, worked with the temple to establish what LEDs were required for the sign and tells us “I’ve really enjoyed working with Rengsamy at the temple, this is such an interesting application for us. 

We know our panel indicator LEDs are popular for applications such as status panel indication, but to see them used in sign writing and in such a creative way has really sparked our interests. We have been lucky enough to receive regular updates from Rengsamy and the temple, with images and videos of the sign as it has been built and now placed in-situ on the front of the temple. 

I can’t wait until I am next in London to visit the temple and see the sign - and I hope that this application will lead to similar sign applications in buildings and monuments in the future!”

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