665 Series (Green)The Marl 665 Series is our toughest LED Panel Lamp, a hard black anodised indicator, sealed to IP68 for tough, wet, and dirty environments including marine and industrial applications.

The 8.5mm mounting indicator works at pressures up to 10psi and is well protected against shock and vibration, and corrosive fluids such as sea water.

Internal circuitry is designed to operate at 2Vdc - 20mA, terminations are achieved by 150mm of colour coded flying leads in accordance with Def Stan 61/12 part 18 chemical and flame retardant. Key features include the self lubricating PTFE seal, ensuring indicator centralisation, panel seal to IP68, and the internal potting medium, which is cured under vacuum to ensure no air voids are present within the indicator assembly.

This indicator features a unique hexagonal bezel to aid mounting, hard black anodised aluminium housing, a domed shatterproof polycarbonate colour diffused lens assembly, and a PTFE "top hat" design panel seal to ensure the correct mounting to Panel. The 665 Series is available in a range of high intensity sunlight readable LEDs; red, yellow, green, blue, or cool white.

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