671 Series

The man machine interface has been crucial to equipment monitoring and control for generations. Effective and reliable indication is especially important when high voltage supplies are present within the host system. The redesigned and upgraded 671 Series are available in no less than six voltage ranges, from 24 AC/DC to 440 AC/DC.

Historically, this type of product has not been available in LED because of the difficulty in achieving an appropriate intensity level; some of the many features are the on/off contrast ratio, intensity, colour and consistency throughout the colour range, making this product ideal for red / green on / off status with additional colour options of blue, white and yellow.

Sealed to IP67, rugged mechanical construction and assembly makes this range ideal for a wide range of demanding industrial applications where reliable high voltage status indication is required, including; power generation, water treatment and petro-chemical plants, mining and portable generation systems, marine and even fairground attraction control systems.

Marl have been designing and manufacturing some of the best LED Panel Indicators for more than 40 years.

Samples and technical information are now available; get in touch to hear more about Marl's 671 High Voltage Series

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