Marl's 742 Series, Orions, and Drivelites providing car park and security lighting at Marl Business ParkOne of our most popular solid state lighting products, Marl's 742 Series LED Wallpack is an ideal solution for perimeter and security lighting in commercial or industrial applications, offering low maintenance, high reliability, and reduced light pollution. A versatile product, the 742 Series is also well suited to applications such as path, driveway, and car park lighting, tunnel lighting, and bay and stair lighting as it can be either pole or wall mounted.

Manufactured in the UK, consisting of a die cast aluminium housing, prismatic polycarbonate lens, and rated IP65 (weatherproof), the 742 Series has a life expectancy in excess of 60,000 hours, voltage input of 100 to 240Vac - 21W, and power output of 1,500 lumens.

Typically used to replace  a 70W SON Fixture, the 742 Series offers impressive light output in daylight white and has a wide viewing angle. Working well with CCTV systems, this product significantly enhances face recognition and is available with an optional dusk/dawn sensor.

Graham Round, Head of Distribution and VP of North America Sales, said "Using the latest LED and driver technology, the product has been installed in numerous applications including car parks, hospitals, hotels, factories, and security perimeter lighting. The white LED light is great for illuminating areas for camera use and the day/night sensor option reduces the need to add an additional timer. The Wallpack is easy to install and can be used as a single unit or part of a lighting circuit, daisy chain!"

Additional Technical Information:

742 specification and IES File are available.

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