LED Flexi Strips

We all say it; Christmas seems to come earlier every year! In 2016 the first Christmas song was played on 16th September, with television Christmas adverts starting late October / early November, and shopping centres decorated before the end of October.

With all this festive cheer arriving so early in the year, December promises big things in Christmas Lighting!

Is there a better way of cheering up the cold winter nights than with a well-lit Christmas tree in the centre of town, and our favourite department stores decked out in festive finery?

Christmas lighting gives not only businesses and commercial properties the opportunity to have the brightest of lights, but homes too are adorned in colourful fairy lights. LED reindeer and snowmen have become regular features in festive gardens, whilst LED presents, hearts, and stars have become commonplace indoors.

But have we noticed the benefit of using LED Christmas Lights over traditional bulbs? They are certainly the safer option, traditional bulbs emit heat, can be a fire hazard, and dangerous to touch. LEDs are more cost-effective as they use less energy. And, whilst the initial outlay of purchasing LED lighting may be higher, LEDs are known to have a significantly longer life span than traditional bulbs. Seemingly the benefits of using LED lights for the festive period far outweigh the advantages of bulbs.

As LED technology continues to improve and grow, and Christmas lighting moves away from the traditional bulb, could we continue to see a growing trend for using LED Christmas Lights in the future?