Cropmaster litAvailable from January 2018, Budmaster’s newest addition to their impressive product line is the Cropmaster LL SP35.
Designed for horticultural and agricultural lighting applications, such as industrial greenhouses, the Cropmaster has been designed specifically for the vertical growing market.

Combining the Cropmaster’s slim design with evenly blended SPD, the Cropmaster LL (low level) allows for approximately 20% more shelving units per rack; enabling the grower to lower their total cost of ownership considerably.
Budmaster offer bespoke spectrums and driving options for the Cropmaster range, and bespoke LED options for varying projects.
Cropmaster LL SP35 units are generally powered at 30 - 60w, but dependent upon customer requirements driving output can be changed to increase overall efficiency.
Designed to be durable and withstand all moisture ingress, the Cropmaster will maintain it’s integrity and performance for many years.