UV-LEDAs a global UV-LED technology leader, Nikkiso is renowned for its unparalleled quality, dependability, and exquisite engineering.

Nikkiso’s revolutionary UV-LED products work to sanitize and sterilize, clean the water and air, help create more germ-free environments, enable medical breakthroughs, and advance industrial curing.

Nikkiso’s UV-LEDs are enabling a wave of new and emerging applications:

Biomedicine – Fighting infectious disease with UV-LED light offers great promise to the future of global health

Purification – With the ability to purify the air and water, plus decontaminate surfaces, UV-LED contributes to a cleaner world for us to live in.

Curing – Nikkiso’s UV-LEDs are great for curing and hardening in industrial applications, such as printing and manufacturing.

Instrumentation – Using UV-LEDs in the laboratory paves the way for new drug discoveries, improved DNA assessment and advanced measurement.

Marl are the exclusive UK Distributor for Nikkiso UV-LED