Conner Atkinson

Conner, our CNC Apprentice, has now been with Marl for the past 2 years. Although Conner hasn't been with us long, he has grown into a vital member of the marl team helping to run and operate machinery competently, ensuring all the products are out on time ready to be assembled in production.
Conner Atkinson
Askam, Cumbria
Sports, socialising, travelling
Time at Marl:
2 years
Job Title:
CNC Apprentice
Previous Roles:
Planning/ scheduling sub contracts and operating machinery
Favourite part of the job:
Meeting deadlines, problem solving

Conner's Typical Working Day

"At the start of every working day I check the system we use for scheduling orders and see if any new parts have appeared that need making. If so, I release a sub contract letting the team in Production know how long it will take for CNC to complete the part. On a daily basis I will set up and programme the machines for production. Although this may take a long time it is rewarding once it is complete and running. At the moment due to ongoing changes in CNC it has been extremely difficult operate as normal, but working as a team we have managed to overcome this and meet our deadlines on time. I feel proud and honoured to be a valued member of Marl. Together the CNC team strive to meet targets and deadlines and feel a great sense of achievement every time we do this."