Deryk Lister

This month we had a chat with Deryk Lister, Systems Analyst and Web Designer, the man behind the machine here at Marl. Deryk keeps our computer systems running smoothly, amongst many other things, during his busy days!

An Ulverston local, Deryk has been with Marl for 10 years and has worked in I.T throughout his career.

In addition to being a computer whiz, Deryk is also a talented photographer and has taken many of the shots used in Marl Marketing.

Deryk Lister
Technology, Hiking, Photography, and Real Ale (sometimes all at the same time!)
Time at Marl:
10 years
Favourite part of the job:
Knowing that someone else's job has been made easier and more pleasant - perhaps as simple as fixing a fault or automating something, improving an interface, or creating a new report to give them exactly the information they need

Deryk says:

"My career has always been in I.T, I've always had a fascination with computers and technology - and LEDs! I joined Marl at a very exciting time for LED technology.

Working in I.T at Marl is always interesting, every day is different; sometimes we're kept on our toes going desk to desk providing support, sometimes things are working perfectly and we can concentrate on maintenance and checks to ensure it stays that way. A day might be spent quickly writing a complex report required by the management team by close of play. Some days may be spent improving the website or even building a new one. Every day is different, and that's what keeps it interesting.

My favourite project during my time at Marl has to be being part of the team that introduced the new full colour lighting to the Sir John Barrow Monument here in Ulverston. My contribution was the timed automation and remote user interface, which link to the lighting controller set up by our Design Team. When the lights come on at exactly sunset, maybe with a specific colour that has been pre-selected for a special occasion via the user-friendly menu, my code is facilitating that. It's great to be able to point out such a visible example of our work."