Colette Porter

Colette, our Production Manager, has been a Marl Superhero for the past 15 years! When Colette clocks in, her first priority is to check on our early birds, the Surface Mount Technology team. That's Colette - always looking after the team. Her wealth of knowledge, attention to detail and expertise ensure that the Marl Team are kept on top form and get those orders out of the door on time, every time!
Colette Porter
Ulverston, Cumbria
Reading, baking (although this doesn't always go to plan, my family keep smiling - sometimes through gritted teeth)!
Time at Marl:
15 years
Job Title:
Production Manager
Previous Roles:
Production Controller, Stores Operative, Sales office Manager
Planning, scheduling of orders.
Favourite part of the job:
Meeting targets, getting orders out on time, and problem solving.

Colette's Typical Working Day

"Planning/scheduling and tracking of new and ongoing orders, responding to and investigating possible expedites, risk assessments, audits, ongoing improvements, problem solving. At the moment we are a couple of people down so covering their roles is a rewarding challenge. We have just moved onto the new mezzanine in Production and I am up and down the stairs all day. I'm hoping to be rewarded with a nice svelte figure in a few months as a result of the extra exercise, however this could be jeopardised by the recent addition of brie, bacon and cranberry baguettes from the canteen!!

I feel proud to be a valued, long standing employee of the Marl Team. I feel honoured to be a part of the Production Team and the SMT Team. Together we strive to meet our targets and deadlines and feel a great sense of achievement every time we do this."

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