September 2018
A massive congratulations to Gillian McGarry, who reaches 30 years' service at Marl International Limited on Monday 10th September.
August 2018
VP of North America Sales, Graham Round, will be heading stateside in October 2018 to meet with new and existing Marl Representatives and Distributors.
August 2018
On 5th October 2018, our Vice President of North America Sales, Graham Round, is heading back to the USA for a mammoth 5 week sales tour.
June 2018
Why not try our Distributors? Marl Distributors hold stock of our most popular products; including panel lamps and bulb replacements, and may have just what you need!
June 2018
Katie Higgins, Commercial Account Leader, attended the Greentech exhibition in Amsterdam earlier this month...
June 2018
During the summer of 2008, the Marl team grew with many new opportunities. Today, several members of that team are reaching 10 years' service.
June 2018
Design Technician, Nathan Williamson, has been with Marl for approaching a year. After completing a mechanical engineering apprenticeship at a local Ulverston company, and keen to stay in the area, Nathan moved to join the Marl team.
April 2018
We would like to extend our congratulations and thanks to Steph Prosser, who reached 10 years’ service at Marl International Ltd in March.