January 2020
Our brand new catalogue is available now, contact our team to receive an electronic copy, or to pre order a hard copy
January 2020
During January Katie Higgins, Marl's Core-Opto Manager, and Michelle McGuffog, Sales and Marketing Coordinator, created an indoor garden using the Yuji FullSol, a full spectrum LED growth light. Michelle tells us more...
January 2020
A brand new world-first product is set to transform control systems across the world thanks to UK innovation. Marl International has produced the first sealed IP67-certified rigid light pipe panel indicator in a metal housing in the world which features no LEDs, and no electronics. Click the headline to learn more...
January 2020
Marl International will be exhibiting at Southern Manufacturing & Electronics from the 11th - 13th February 2020. Visit us at Stand K70. For tickets, more information, or to arrange a meeting with the Marl Team, please contact
December 2019
WORLD-CLASS technology which has helped keep the UK rail industry on track is set to enjoy export success and expand into a range of industries. Billions of train passengers heading into some of the biggest and busiest stations in the UK will have walked past the LED bulkhead lamps at the end of the line. Read on for more details...
November 2019
Graham will be visiting the USA in March 2020 to meet with our Representatives, Distributors, and Customers in the states. Graham will be discussing new products available from Marl, distributing our new catalogue and literature, and giving product demonstrations.
October 2019
YujiNourish™ FullSol Panel Grow Light uses YujiLEDs’ latest high efficacy and full-spectrum white LED, which covers the whole effective photosynthesis radiation requirements by most of the plants from 380nm to 740 nm. This fixture meets the light requirements through the whole growth cycle from seeding to harvest. Read inside for specification.
April 2018
Nikkiso’s revolutionary UV-LED products work to sanitize and sterilize, clean the water and air, help create more germ-free environments, enable medical breakthroughs, and advance industrial curing.