June 2018
As a LED developer and manufacturer, Yuji explore best colour quality solutions; it’s this ethos that now brings to the market two new products in the Yuji range, the RGB and RGBW SMD package.
April 2018
High CRI full spectrum lighting can dramatically improve the appearance of objects, particularly in retail stores, shops, super-markets, museums, galleries and exhibits, where red colours are prominent and presentation and appearance are critical...
April 2018
Take a look at this video by DIY Perks on YouTube to get an idea of the importance of colour rendering.
March 2018
Introducing new Citizen High Current Chip-on-board LEDs - Applications include: bulbs, spotlights, downlights, high bay lights, street lights, flood lights, stadium lights.
March 2018
High CRI LED Lighting by Yuji LED
February 2018
Nikkiso’s revolutionary UV-LED products work to sanitize and sterilize, clean the water and air, help create more germ-free environments, enable medical breakthroughs, and advance industrial curing.
January 2018
We may have mentioned once or twice how truly industrious and innovative Budmaster are, but their latest creation takes us to the next level!
January 2018
Available from January 2018, Budmaster’s newest addition to their impressive product line is the Cropmaster LL SP35. Designed for horticultural and agricultural lighting applications, such as industrial greenhouses, the Cropmaster has been designed specifically for the vertical growing market.