October 2018
Marl’s 742 Series Wallpack offers impressive light output and high compatibility with CCTV and significantly enhance the quality of image capture, for example, face recognition.
October 2018
Yuji’s BC and VTC Series offer some of the best film and photography lighting solutions on the market. A fantastic addition to this product offering is the Hybrid Flexistrip, a tunable option available in white at 3200K - 5600K or 2700K - 6500K, or as RGBWW in 2700K - 6500K.
September 2018
The new Yuji S-Flex strip is an extremely versatile and bendable product, available in 24V 5 metre rolls in 2700K or 5600K with a high CRI of 95+, the S-Flex can be installed in a variety of linear or non-linear surfaces alike.
August 2018
We have spent some time over the past few weeks experimenting with our newest Yuji samples, with Business and Admin Apprentice; Keira Brockbank, kindly volunteering to be our model.
August 2018
New for August 2018 comes YUJILEDS® HIGH CRI LED WATERPROOF IP65/IP67 FLEXISTRIP in 24V (2700k or 5600K). With ingress protection sealing standard to IP65 / IP67, Yuji waterproof LED strips can be used in the most demanding of applications, including moist or dusty environments, and still experience excellent light quality, as always.
August 2018
Yuji RGBWW High CRI LED Strip uses a combination and upgrade of RGB, RGBW, and bi-colour LED strip lights, to allow perfectly tunable high CRI white light and full gamut red, green and blue colours.
August 2018
Marl’s LED Bulkhead offers a robust and reliable solution to industrial lighting schemes. Available in a variation of colour and voltage options (including 24Vac/dc, 110Vac/dc, and 230Vac) offering a direct replacement in many existing electrical circuits, the Bulkhead is ideal for a range of industrial applications.
June 2018
Arianna Rawlinson, Marketing Manager, tells us more about the Marl products used on site, including the Wallpack, and what the benefits of those products are.