November 2017
What can bring a sun-like atmosphere to your indoor space? Yuji LED Bulb and Tube Indoor Lights, high CRI LED solutions offering brightness and warmth, using only small amounts of energy.
November 2017
Ivan Black, a British sculpture artist with a talent for kinetic sculptures, recently purchased a number of Nichia LEDs for a new sculpture using light, the result being the striking Nebula Hive.
November 2017
For almost a year now Marl and Budmaster have been working in partnership to produce Budmaster horticultural lighting systems, after Budmaster entrusted the manufacture of their products to Marl in December 2016.
October 2017
Providing a high CRI, true colour, flexible lighting solution, Yuji Flexistrips dramatically improve the true colour appearance where colour presentation is vital.
October 2017
One of our most popular solid state lighting products, Marl's 742 Series LED Wallpack is an ideal solution for perimeter and security lighting in commercial or industrial applications, offering low maintenance, high reliability, and reduced light pollution.
October 2017
Marl lighting solutions for the Rail Industry include our 240 Series (can be used with remote phosphor technology) and 241 series Bulb Replacement LEDs, 671 and 675 series Panel Indicator LEDs, and our 084 Series Bulkhead.
September 2017
Deputy Managing Director, Nathan Orton, Julie Atkinson, Production Engineer, and Alan Otway, Engineering Manager, recently visited Ulverston Victoria High School to help Year 8 with their lantern preparations for Ulverston Lantern Festival.
June 2017
Affectionately named the ‘Kinder Egg’ by some of the Marl Team, in reality this is a serious technical development; creating a seriously innovative bulb replacement product which can potentially benefit a number of serious applications...