June 2019
Yuji’s phosphor expertise enables two different methods that provide no-compromise, high CRI efficacy solutions...
May 2019
Ideal for advertising applications, Yuji’s S-flex LED flexible strip offers increased versatility combined with the high quality, high CRI as standard in Yuji flexistrips.
April 2019
Yuji's RGBW flexistrip is back in stock and available for quick delivery. This strip features daylight white at 5600K, and is capable of creating millions of different colour variations.
April 2019
Yuji’s D50 LEDs offer an ideal solution to applications where a consistent light source is required for viewing artwork, printed graphics, photographs and transparencies.
April 2019
Marl introduced the new 880 Series in January 2019; an ideal plug and play system featuring Yuji flexistrip. The 880 Series provides a complete solution to flexistrip lighting requirements, including a white light strip available in a range of colour temperatures (from 2700K to 6500K) and driver.
March 2019
Yuji LEDs High CRI Bulbs are a perfect replacement for a standard A19 bulb. Available in 3 colour temperatures (3000k, 4000k and 5000k), these 6W bulbs have a life expectancy of 25,000 hours, and are ideal for home, office, and studio lighting.
March 2019
Yuji’s revolutionary 5-in-1 5050 LED chip offers full colour gamut that can achieve numerous spectra, both optimising and simplifying the light source. RGB,WW,CW chips are available in reels of single chips, 5m flexistrip (ribbons), or PCB board on request. Marl can provide drivers and DMX controllers to create a full system. Read on for more details...
February 2019
As an LED developer and manufacturer, Yuji explore the best colour quality solutions; providing LEDs, LED modules, flexistrip, and LED lighting products for diverse applications.