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Zero Bleed. Maximum Brightness

May 2018
The LPR & LPV Rigid Light Pipes feature an innovative black adapter design that surrounds the LED and channels the light directly to the lens, eliminating light bleed at the source. Light bleed from…

Magtech Drivers Go Wireless

September 2015
Magtech Industries Corp., a 25 years power supply manufacturer, is pleased to announce their Q-Z Series with "Zygbee" H.A. 1.2 compatible wireless drivers. The Q-Z Series offers a power range from 12W…

Bivar launches new line of products for Enclosure Hardware

August 2015
Marl are excited to announce the launch of three new Bivar products for Enclosure Hardware The FRS Series Spacers Applications: Multi-level PCBs, Box Build/System Integration, Mechanical Assembly…

Video: One minute with Tom Silber, CEO, Bivar Inc.

July 2015
Tom Silber, CEO of Bivar Inc, discusses the Marl-Bivar strategic alliance and how together the two companies can offer the highest quality products and services to the LED lighting market.

New SMT solutions from Bivar Inc.

June 2015
Marl are pleased to present a new range of products for SMT solutions from our partner company, Bivar Incorporated. SMTV01 Series The SMTV01 Series provides a one-piece SMT solution to complete the…

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