News (LED Components)

Launch of Nikkiso DUV LED Technology to the UK Market

February 2017
The evolution of UV-LED technology at shorter wavelengths has significant potential for integration in fixed and portable equipment utilized in a wide range of industries, including medical, life…

Wearable Tech: Where Techies meet Fashionistas

October 2016
With the evolution of the LED comes the inevitable flurry into other industries. Over the past decade wearable tech and LED accessories have become a firm favourite within the entertainment industry…

SMT Design and Manufacturing Support

April 2016
Arianna Rawlinson, Marketing Manager, discusses the SMT Centre and Marl's Capabilities Marl is proud to present our SMT centre where we capture your concept, have the experience to design to…

Bivar Inc. Launch New PLP Products

February 2016
Our partner company; Bivar Incorporated, have launched a range of new products to compliment the PLP Series. "Smoked" uses a material that gives a "smoked glass" look, this aesthetically appealing…

Havells Sylvania Interview: An insight into Citizen COB Technology

August 2015
We interviewed Dave Warburton, Brand Development Manager for Concord Lighting, Havells Sylvania. Dave has been with the company for the past 18 years and is an expert in all things Citizen Electronics…

Video: One minute with Tom Silber, CEO, Bivar Inc.

July 2015
Tom Silber, CEO of Bivar Inc, discusses the Marl-Bivar strategic alliance and how together the two companies can offer the highest quality products and services to the LED lighting market.

Marl donates 10,000 LEDs to local school

April 2015
This month Marl put 10,000 obsolete LEDs to good use by donating them to local school, Ulverston Victoria, for science experiments. We hope they come in handy!

Marl's New Partnership with America II Electronics

March 2015
America II Electronics, Inc., one of the world's largest distributors of semiconductors and electronic components, has entered into a franchise distribution agreement with Marl. Under terms of the…

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