David mans the grill at a Marl BBQ in 2006

Marl received the sad news that our former Commercial Director; David J Ford, passed away during May.

"I had the honour to work with David for more than 20 years. I have so many recollections of working with David through the hard times, the very hard times and some very good times. Lots of treasured memories mostly about handling things together, David was always a good foil to my impetuousness and impulsive tendencies. Calm, measured and dependable I could always count on his support, unswerving loyalty, dedication and hard work. David was instrumental in helping me cope with the stresses and strains of buying Marl in 2008, some memorable moments, most where the buck stopped with us to deal with some very tough situations, but also some much more pleasant ones.

For years David insisted on being our resident chef at every social occasion, he must have cooked thousands of burgers for hungry Marlites and their off-springs at autumn bonfire parties in the rain and wind and sweltering BBQs in the summer.

He was never really one for IT, still preferred to work his pencil on a pile of computer print out paper and often used to say to me, “I’ll dust the file down.” One Monday morning (I think in September 2012), I arrived at my office to find my meeting table adorned with items from a Business Awards dinner; champagne bottles (unopened I might add), menus, notes and streamers. We knew we were nominated, so deciding who should go I offered the opportunity for David to represent us with his wife. Marl won two awards including Business of the Year. I was so happy that David was there “front and centre”, because he was very much a part of that achievement.

Typical of the man was his decision to hire and train his eventual successor, so although we were sad to hear that David decided to retire in February 2014, it was not unexpected and gave us a good reason to reflect upon and acknowledge his career with Marl. The lunch we shared at Clarence House with the rest of the Directors was brilliant, David was in fine form and I will remember it for the rest of my days, even though it started at lunch and finished at tea-time!

David will be sadly missed by all of us at Marl.

Adrian Rawlinson
23rd May 2016