Marl has enhanced its Design capability with the investment of a new 3D Printer, which can offer a prototyping service to customers.

The Ultimaker 2 builds 3D objects, layer by layer, using molten plastic. As each layer is built, the plastic cools down and solidifies, creating a 3 dimensional object.

Taking a CAD Drawing, the Marl Design Team can use a customer's design specifications and apply the CAD Drawing to the 3D Printer, which then creates a prototype; including mechanical parts, such as gears, bearings, end caps, etc. As well as this, the printer also has the capability to print unusual or stylish housings and lenses – expanding Marl's design capabilities to many customer requirements.

To discuss your requirements or make any other enquiry, please contact the Marl Sales Team via or call +44 (0)1229 582 430.