LED Dress

With the evolution of the LED comes the inevitable flurry into other industries.

Over the past decade wearable tech and LED accessories have become a firm favourite within the entertainment industry; we've seen LED sunglasses, LED dresses, and LED jackets adorning the rich and famous. We have ventured into wearable tech; Marl worked with a British designer and supplied LED lighting for an LED dress in 2008 and 2011.

Lately the trend for wearable tech, and in particular LED attire, seems to be reaching the mainstream with the introduction of LED trainers, LED Christmas jumpers, and even LED pet collars.

Moving away from the more novelty items, an accurate representation of the improvement in LED technology and venture into high end fashion is the recent introduction of a smart-bag; Gianoi by Italian designers Enrico and Raffaele Caroli. Already a firm favourite with fashion bloggers and primarily a fashion range with embedded functional technology, Gianoi's Nadia range will be able to charge your phone on the go, whilst the functional LED display incorporated in the gold Gianoi logo will alert users to notifications from their phone; with a different colour for the various notifications that may be received, all manageable by the bag and phone owner.

The idea behind this bag is that it will allow users to be more present in the moment, rather than constantly checking phones, as the bag will discreetly signal notifications.

In the days of modern technology, social media, and constant availability, technology enabling users to be more present can only be a good thing. Could this be the beginning of a whole new world of wearable tech? And are we soon to see LED technology in more than the lighting on the high end catwalk?