RGBWW stripYuji’s revolutionary 5-in-1 5050 LED chip offers full colour gamut that can achieve numerous spectra, both optimising and simplifying the light source.

RGB,WW,CW chips are available in reels of single chips, 5m flexistrip (ribbons), or PCB board on request. Marl can provide drivers and DMX controllers to create a full system.

The 5-in-1 chip is divided into 6500K (daylight white), 2700K (tungsten white) and saturated blue, green, and red, with excellent thermal management for up to 1.5W.

Yuji RGB,WW,CW features full spectrum bases, making not only any correlated colour temperature along the Planckian Locus possible, but also the purest white light is


This product is highly recommended for use in film and photography, and high end commercial lighting applications.

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