October 2015
This month the spotlight lands on Paula Jones, our Stores Operative who has been working for Marl for 15 years.
September 2015
Marl and Nanoco are bringing two unique technologies together. But how to Quantum Dots integrate with LED Lighting if one dot is less than 100,000 times the width of a human hair?
September 2015
1.2m PCBs being manufactured in Marl's Surface Mount Technology Centre - our largest boards to date. Marl has the capability to produce PCBs up to 1.4m in length, and is the most experienced LED lighting manufacturer in the UK in producing PCBs of such large lengths.
September 2015
Marl provided x87 LED Wallpacks for installation in the car park of Carr-Ellison house, Newcastle. Take a look!
September 2015
Our Stores Operative, Julie Balderstone, has been an integral part of Marl's Production functions for nearly 27 years. Now, as she leaves Marl to pursue a career in care, we reflect on Julie's time at Marl and all that she has achieved.
September 2015
Marl have an ever-expanding network of representatives across North America. Take a look at the map to find your local representative for Marl products.
September 2015
The 205 Series, part of our Bulb Replacement LED range, is a flat-topped, "Fit and forget" direct replacement for a standard bulb fitting. Read on to find out more.
September 2015
Magtech Industries Corp., a 25 years power supply manufacturer, is pleased to announce their Q-Z Series with "Zygbee" H.A. 1.2 compatible wireless drivers.