October 2019
One British-made innovation is celebrating more than 25 years of making a big impact in some of the world’s toughest environments. The 677 series LED panel indicator lamp is a robust, resilient, high-performance, British-made product used in some of the most challenging conditions on land, sea, and in the air....
October 2019
YujiNourish™ FullSol Panel Grow Light uses YujiLEDs’ latest high efficacy and full-spectrum white LED, which covers the whole effective photosynthesis radiation requirements by most of the plants from 380nm to 740 nm. This fixture meets the light requirements through the whole growth cycle from seeding to harvest. Read inside for specification.
October 2019
Summer 2019 marked service anniversaries for many of our team...
September 2019
This month DSEi 2019 took place at the ExCel Centre in London. Many of the Marl team were in attendance at the event, including Customer Account Manager, Graham Round, who spent some time on the stand of Marl Distributor, Milspares, with Milspares Managing Director; Keith Shortman.
September 2019
We've all seen insects gathered around a street light, but what happens to more light sensitive creatures, who would normally feed on those insects, when they try to avoid the glare? Click inside to read more.
September 2019
YujiNourish™ Rich-in Red Linear Grow Light integrated with two different high efficacy LED into the same fixture. The spectrum with emphasis in redness effectively promotes the plant from flowering to fruiting. This fixture also features uniform light output, easy installation, IP65 waterproof level, and heatsink free design.
September 2019
Members of the Marl team will be attending DSEi 2019. Managing Director; Adrian Rawlinson, will be at DSEi on various dates throughout the show, with Nathan Orton; Deputy MD, and Alan Otway; Engineering Manager, attending from Tuesday 10th September until Thursday 12th September.
August 2019
Members of the Marl team will be attending DSEi 2019 in September; with Customer Account Manager, Graham Round, spending some time on the stand of Marl Distributor; Milspares Ltd.