202 Series LED Bulb Replacement (T1 Sub MF SX3s)

202 Series
  • Direct replacement for French Style T1 Midget Flange SX3s
  • Water clear lens
  • Flat topped for enhanced, even illumination of large lens areas and switchtops
  • Centre contact Anode as standard
  • Reverse polarity options available
  • Ideal for control panels / instrument panels and illuminated switches
Marl Part No. Description Farnell Part No. RS Part No.
202-301-21-38 Red 12VDC 2078423 N/A
202-301-23-38 Red 28VDC 2078424 N/A
202-324-21-38 Green 12VDC 2078425 N/A
202-324-23-38 Green 28VDC 2078427 N/A
202-325-21-38 Yellow 12VDC 2078427 N/A
202-325-23-38 Yellow 28VDC 2078428 N/A
202-934-21-38 Blue 12VDC 2078423 N/A
202-934-23-38 Blue 28VDC 2078432 N/A
202-998-21-38 Cool White 12VDC 2078433 N/A
202-998-23-38 Cool White 28VDC 139178 N/A

This cross-reference of part numbers is not exhaustive - other part numbers may be available, along with custom and semi-custom options. Please see datasheet for details.

Line diagram

Dimensions in mm (typical). Not to scale.