Nikkiso UV-C LEDs

  • Only for use as deep-ultraviolet light source
  • Models with Zener Diode offer ESD and reverse polarity protection
Model No. Wavelength (nm) Voltage (Typical) Zener Diode Lens Package Type Datasheet
VPT6A2† 300 5   TO-46
VPT6J2† 340 3.9   TO-46
VPT7A1† 300 5 TO-46
VPT7J1† 340 3.9 TO-46
VPT632† 265 5.7   TO-46
VPT662† 280 5   TO-46
VPT672† 285 5   TO-46
VPT731† 265 5.7 TO-46
VPT761† 280 5 TO-46
VPT771† 285 5 TO-46
VPS1A1 300 6     SMD
VPS131 265 6.3     SMD
VPS161 280 5.6     SMD
VPS164 280 5,8     SMD
VPS171 285 6     SMD
VPS174 285 5.8     SMD
VPC1A1 300 6     PCB Mounted SMD
VPC161 280 5.6     PCB Mounted SMD
VPC171 285 6     PCB Mounted SMD

† = The TO-46 based products are now at End Of Life, and available on a Last-Time-Buy basis.  Download the VPT6J2 and VPT7J1 EOL notice or the EOL notice for the remaining TO-46 part numbers.

Water Disinfection Modules

DNA has the maximum absorption of DUV-LED light with wavelength between 260nm and 270nm. A cell is mutated with the irradiation of UV light with the above wavelength, which will cause functional defects such as cell division inhibition. This wavelength is effective against almost all bacteria and many viruses as well.

Datasheets: 2L version, 10L version