The Yuji Range - High CRI LED Flexi Strips

The YUJILEDS® range of high CRI LED flexible strips take the benefit of accurate colour rendering and put it into a form that can be quickly installed in a variety of linear and curved surfaces, using 3M® adhesive backing. Consistent high power and brightness are provided by the precision SMT resistors and enhanced copper traces.

BC Series

The BC Series flexi strips use a blue die and are well suited for applications requiring high power efficiency and excellent colour rendering.

VTC Series

The VTC Series flexistrips use a violet die, and provide the highest rendering quality in the industry - up to 98 CRI. Output covers the entire spectrum; including violets, cyans, deep reds, and brings out colours perfectly. Ideal for applications where high colour quality is of absolute importance.

Kits & Assemblies

These Marl products integrate Yuji High CRI technology into kits and lighting assemblies.