The Yuji Range - High CRI SMD LEDs

The YUJILEDS® range of high CRI SMD (Surface Mount Device) LEDs are available in blue die (BC) and violet die (VTC) formats to suit the needs of your Surface Mount Technology (SMT) applications.

BC Series

The BC Series SMDs strips use a blue die and are well suited for applications requiring high power efficiency and excellent colour rendering (CRI Ra 95 min.)

VTC Series

The VTC Series SMDs use a violet die, and provide the highest rendering quality in the industry - up to 98 CRI. Output covers the entire spectrum; including violets, cyans, deep reds, and brings out colours perfectly. Ideal for applications where high colour quality is of absolute importance.

RGB Series

RGB surface mount LEDs. While CRI is not applicable as there is no standalone white element, these build upon the Yuji expertise of high quality LED lighting components.