205 Series LED Bulb Replacement (T1 ¾ Midget Groove S5.7s)

  • Direct replacement for T1 ¾ Midget Groove S5.7s
  • Reverse polarity options available
  • Water clear lens
  • Centre contact Anode as standard
  • Low current versions available
  • Warm white LEDs may be used behind coloured lens as a true replacement for a filament lamp

PADS Numbers

Pads Number Marl Part Number Description
0086/023040205-501-21-38AlGaAs Red 12VDC FT
0086/023036205-501-22-38AlGaAs Red 24VDC FT
0086/023039205-521-21-38Yellow 12VDC FT
0086/023037205-521-22-38Yellow 24VDC FT
0086/023041205-532-21-38Green 12VDC FT
0086/023038205-532-22-38Green 24VDC FT
0086/023042205-997-21-38White 12VDC FT
0054/039310205-997-22-38White 24VDC FT
Line diagram

Dimensions in mm (typical). Not to scale.