676 Series Sealed LED Panel Indicator

  • Ø8.1mm mounting
  • Black anodised aluminium housing
  • Sealed to IP67 - weatherproof
  • Reverse protection diode fitted in all voltage models
  • Smoked lens
  • Internal potting
  • Range of colours and voltage options

PADS Numbers

Pads Number Marl Part Number Description
0086/008655676-501-21AlGaAs Red
0086/008650676-501-23AlGaAs Red
0086/008656676-521-21Yellow 12VDC
0086/008651676-521-23Yellow 28VDC
0086/008657676-532-21Green 12VDC
0086/008652676-532-23Green 28VDC
0086/008658676-930-21Blue 12VDC
0086/008653676-930-23Blue 28VDC
0086/008659676-997-21White 12VDC
0086/008654676-997-23White 28VDC
Line diagram

Dimensions in mm (typical). Not to scale.