Capturing your Concept

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping is a vital element of our Marl facility. Sub-assemblies and products can often be produced in just a few days, using processes such as 3D printing and PCB prototype routing, using Altium for the circuit design and CAD for 3D design concepts.


At the heart of the Marl DNA is electronic design, utilising the best components available.

Abbey Gate light installation

Rapid problem solving included Relux modelling and technology demonstration, resulting in appropriate downlighting for effective illumination of this school gymnasium - just in time for the exams!

Marshalls outdoor lighting

Marl floodlights are ideal illuminators and these were designed specifically for this exterior storage area. The prototype was made and fitted in only a few days to replace conventional light sources, offering a host of other advantages, including savings in power consumption - a competitive solution.

Control panel

Marl have been designing and manufacturing some of the world's best performing panel lamps for over three decades. Despite the trend towards screen technology, for many HMI (Human Machine Interface) applications, panel lamps are still the preferred choice for clear and reliable status indication. Our Marl Team can very rapidly accommodate requests for semi-customisation. (1-2 working days), with a wide range of options, such as flying leads, customised housing style, anodised body finish and LED emitters with special opto-electical characteristics.