Design, Manufacture & Test

Lighting and laptop

Marl has a unique, horizontally integrated design and manufacturing facility, which is tuned to meet and hopefully exceed customer expectations. The flexibility of our in-house facilities enables a rapid-reflex response as your project evolves from concept to prototype through to proofing, testing and manufacture.

Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering is a vital element for maximising product performance and reliability, especially for demanding applications were the products are operating in hostile environments. Precision engineering suites include:

  • CNC Machining Centres & Precision Turning
  • CNC Flat Bed Routing
  • Spark Eroder, Milling & Lathes
  • Mould & Press Tool Manufacture
  • Jigs & Fixtures Design & Build

LEDs on burn test

Test programmes can be application specific, offering burn-in, optical measurement, environmental and climatic testing - all supplemented by Marl’s roving, eagle-eyed, quality control inspection team.