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Some of Marl's LED lighting and indication projects, past and present:

Sparkle at The Alnwick Garden

LED Feature Lighting Installation
Northumberland, UK

REQUIREMENT: Extremely flexible lighting system to meet different requirements and support activities within the garden.

INSTALLATION: Supplied and controlled Phase One of the Sparkle installation including over 90 individual light fittings, hardware cabinets, mains and DMX cabling, IT communications systems, software control, design, installation, programming, and ongoing support.

PRODUCTS USED: RGB and white flexistrip, RGB linear strip lighting, white up-lights and step lights.

Illuminated garden
Boombocs Portable Speaker System, London, UK
604 Series Panel Indicator LED fitted to unit
Abbey Gate College, Cheshire, UK
White high bay lighting installation
Driveway Feature and Security Lighting, UK
LED Drivelite 24
Van Der Velden Marine Systems, Netherlands
508 Series Panel Indicator LED in marine control panels
Sir John Barrow Monument, Ulverston, UK
RGBW lighting installation with Wi-Fi
Holker Garden Festival, Cumbria, UK
GB and white outdoor lighting installation
UK Rail
084 Series LED Bulkhead End of Line Indication
Walkway lighting, Alnwick, UK
Low level colour changing installation

LED Lighting System
London, UK

REQUIREMENT: Variable lighting system to simulate street and residential lighting conditions driven from a PC with the ability to change intensity and colour saturation.

INSTALLATION: Sophisticated 6 channel (RGBWW) light fixture programmed to replicate any light source, 44 light fixtures, four DMX universes, controlled through an in-house bespoke controller and PC software.

PRODUCTS USED: Bespoke LED lighting fixtures.

Marl Business Park, Ulverston, UK
Outdoor Security Lighting & RGB feature lighting
The Treehouse Restaurant, Alnwick, UK
Colour changing discrete illumination
Helicopter Control Panels, France
677 Series panel indicator LED in helicopter control panels
Service Trucks, North America
Marl panel indicator LEDs in control panels
US Railroad North America
Carriage LED downlight and safety lighting
UK Rail
Intelligent Saloon Car Lighting
Pink Floyd Pulse LED Light, London, UK
Provide the flashing (pulsing) LED light for the "Pulse" album cover
Asphalt Zipper, USA
677 Series panel indicator LED in control panels