Surface Mount Technology

Our onsite SMT Centre capabilities place us with the best in the market, able to offer competitive pricing, fast delivery and quality that's second to none.

Marl's Surface Mount Technology and LED assembly facility has the capacity to process 80k components per hour. It is ideally suited to competitively supporting professional luminaire manufacturers who specialise in producing interior and exterior lighting, including sealed, linear and circular fittings utilising either COB or LOB technology.

At the heart of this facility are two I-Pulse M20 high performance, high flexibility SMT placers - the ultimate super-flexible multi-purpose SMT machines. These are coupled with custom designed loader and conveyor systems and two Lemme Neo twenty stage Convection Reflow Ovens.

The SMT lines sit in a climatically controlled environment with dedicated storage and materials handling areas. They offer:

  • Very high orders of placement accuracy of +/- 0.040mm for chips and +/- 0.025mm for QFPs, (Quad Flat Packages)
  • Stable feeding, pickup and placement of LEDs and associated components
  • Multi-placement component heads for wide ranging component handling capability; rapid application of solder pastes and adhesives and high feeder capacity, (maximum 144 feeder lanes)
  • Stencil-less solder paste dispensing for reduced NRE costs and lead times for prototype development
  • Capability to place secondary optics
  • Enhanced dimensional capability: 1,480mm x 480mm maximum processing size for conventional FR4 and metal clad boards
  • Capability to process FPCs (Flexible Printed Circuit Boards), with clamping / stable handling of long boards with narrow aspect ratio
  • Laser measurement to control board warp measurement
SMT Centre
SMT Centre
SMT Centre