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Marl have produced LED Panel Indicator since the late '70s and they remain one of our three principle ranges today

Marl, a pioneer in the industry, has been adapting LED technology to provide innovative, attractive, functional, and cost effective solutions for over 40 years.

Customers return to Marl for world class in-house design and manufacturing facilities, combined with agility, speed, flexibility, and willingness to respond to both needs and expectations as projects evolve and mature through the entire product life cycle.

We have unique access to some of the best Solid State Lighting and Electronics technology in the world.

The Marl brand is recognised internationally in the Optoelectronics industry.

Careers at Marl

Marl International Limited has been leading LED technology to provide innovative, attractive, functional and cost effective solutions for more than 40 years. Based at Marl Business Park in the South Lakes and acknowledged as one of the best blue chip companies, offering existing long term career opportunities and recognised internationally as one of the most innovative producers of high performance, high quality optoelectronic components.

Interested? Email your CV with application letter to linda.pinnegor@marl.co.uk. We would be delighted to hear from anyone who believes they have something to offer Marl.

Current Vacancies

We currently have an opportunity for a Commercial Manager to join our well-established sales team. Click below for details:
Commercial Manager (Ref: CM/Hr/June/2017)

Where we are based

Marl International Limited is based in Ulverston, Cumbria, UK.

Ulverston is an historic market town of the edge of England's Lake District, an area of beautiful scenery and home to a great number of tourist attractions including Ulverston's own claim to fame - the birthplace of Stan Laurel. Ulverston is a thriving and exciting market town with a strong community spirit enjoying regular festivals and events. Fairtrade status was awarded to the town in 2007. Visit Ulverston Online to learn more about the town and it's surroundings.

Coronation Hall - Laurel and Hardy Statue LED-lit

Marl LED uplighters illuminate the Laurel & Hardy statue in front of the Coronation Hall, Ulverston

Marl Business Park Photo

Marl Business Hub

Since 2002 we have been based at Marl Business Park (pictured), our combined headquarters and manufacturing site.

Company History

The Beginning

  • 1972 the company was formed by Brian Ainley from his home called Marl Park, Ulverston - hence the company name
  • Originally the company distributed medical equipment and manufactured safety systems for the chemical industry


The '70s and '80s

  • 1977 Our current Managing Director Adrian Rawlinson joined the company
  • 1985 Marl moves into Stone Cross Mansion
  • Late '70s, Marl begins the design and manufacture and packaging of LEDs, recognising that these products were required by the telecom and defence industries
  • At this time the LED colour range was limited to red, green and amber and were only bright enough to be used as status indicators
  • By end of the '70s Marl employed 9 staff
  • Our core ranges were panel lamps, PCB mounting status indicators and some of the world's first miniature LED bulbs to replace filament bulbs in switches and control panels
  • 1989 our staff numbers had quadrupled to approximately 40

Our core products in the late '70s

Stone Cross Mansion

The '90s

Side illumination panel for discreet information display for Eastman Kodak, Rochester, NY

This was the decade that primary manufacturing plants invested heavily in LED technology. Increasing their intensity and efficiency became subject to huge research programmes in Europe, USA, Japan and the Far East. Brighter and different colour LEDs and clusters were introduced

  • Increasing involvement with Rail and Defence sectors
  • Office opened in Nevada, USA
  • By 1999 our workforce exceeds 100 employees
  • Optosource formed - to source and distribute LEDs across the world.
  • LEDs with higher levels of operating efficiency and extended colour range were introduced to Marl's product offer
  • Blue and eventually white LEDs were manufactured once phosphor doping techniques were developed sufficiently to allow repeatable mass production of chip die.
  • Marl was secured Eastman Kodak as a customer, leading to Marl supplying their dark room lighting requirements for their manufacturing plants on a global basis. This was one of the first environments to truly take advantage of LEDs being utilised as illuminators
  • This led to the development of several ranges of products to suit specific applications.
  • The introduction of cluster LED lamps, suitable for either low voltage or mains applications, (in USA, UK and Europe). Used extensively within Eastman Kodak, but also creating opportunities in other industrial applications.

A spot light track mounted variant of an LED Cluster

The 234 Series: Benefiting from our development work with liquid optics, this special radial LED display allows 360° viewing. Note the special key feature on top of the device to assist with installation and removal from the host housing assembly.

  • At this point in the '90s Marl's core competencies were based on mechanical engineering; electrical engineering and an ever increasing need for sophistication of electronics and optics
  • More emphasis given to optical engineering as an effective and efficient way of combining core competencies in the business to provide high quality, high reliability products
  • An increasing degree of ruggedisation for operation in hazardous and environmentally unfriendly environments required
  • By the mid 1990s, Marl was becoming increasingly involved with rail related indicator applications, for both track side and vehicle equipment. (Core products had already been used in control rooms since the '70s).
  • London Underground becomes a key emerging customer for Marl and applications require a working environment with a controlled low ambient light condition, similar to Eastman Kodak requirements
  • Marl look to the Aerospace industry and become involved with the conceptual design, development and proto-typing for both the Euro Fighter and Boeing 777 programmes.

Marl produced the first LED replacement in mainland Britain for a signal head.

The early '00s

3 sign

Hutchison '3' display sign

  • Market moves towards signs, displays and lighting. RGB and white LEDs improve in both intensity and performance characteristics and become sufficiently cost effective to be used in retail applications
  • 2000 Optosign is formed to design and manufacture LED signs. Optosign's project for the Hutchison '3' display sign features 'waves' of changing colours
  • 2001 Marl relocates within Ulverston to Marl Business Park, a 7 acre site providing 100,000 sq ft of manufacturing and office accommodation

MBP from the air

Marl Business Park, Ulverston

The mid '00s

  • 2005, The new Marl canteen opens featuring a combination of RGB colour change lighting and high intensity white task lighting
  • 2006, CreativeArc is formed - launched to specialise in architectural LED lighting solutions.
  • 2007, Marl Opto Inc. was formed as part of our expansion in the USA.
  • A rapid growth in the LED lighting market brings further growth for Marl

Architectural lighting in Marl's concert room

The Marl canteen