Cumbria Crystal Grasmere Decanter
Cumbria Crystal Grasmere Decanter

Marl wish to extend our congratulations to Cumbria Crystal on the exciting news that they have been awarded an exclusive contract by Bentley to produce luxury crystal champagne flutes for the new Bentayga Mulliner, set to be unveiled at the Geneva motor show during March.

In a statement released by Cumbria Crystal, Chris Blade, Managing Director, said:-

“We are proud that Bentley Mulliner placed so much faith in Cumbria Crystal by inviting us to develop and manufacture the exquisite and highly unusual pair of champagne flutes for the new Bentayga Mulliner SUV. The design teams at Mulliner were extremely supportive throughout the development process and placed complete trust in us to develop these extraordinary flutes which come as standard. This is the beginning of an exciting ongoing collaboration, with additional products already being discussed. Bentley, Mulliner and Cumbria Crystal offers an exciting fusion of luxury, engineering and British craftsmanship.”

Congratulations to all the Team over at Cumbria Crystal, fantastic news!