July 2016
The redesigned and upgraded 671 Series are available in no less than six voltage ranges, from 24 AC/DC to 440 AC/DC. Read on to learn more.
June 2016
Find out what's been happening this month: the promotion of our 665 Series in Japan, Adrian Rawlinson's position on the EU Stay/Leave debate, our new website and the introduction of Live Chat to Outdoor LEDs.
June 2016
Marl's 671 Series High Voltage will be launching very soon!
June 2016
The 524 Series is a high quality, 8.1mm mounting, professional LED Panel Indicator.
May 2016
This tough, vandal resistant, IP67 sealed panel indicator is ideal for high vibration applications...
May 2016
Read more about this robust, 8.1mm mounting, IP67 sealed LED indicator
April 2016
Read about the 690 Series metal panel indicator, which is multi-voltage and available in a range of colour options.
April 2016
Now in 2016 there is a new product design with the lamp manufactured from high grade aluminium with a colour anodised finish. This exciting new range is available in the popular 8mm mounting 677 Series and 12.7mm, (1/2 inch), mounting 699 Series with flat Fresnel lens assemblies. Read on to learn more and see what colours we can offer!