December 2015
As the demands increase for high chromatic LEDs targeted for making objects more "vivid", Citizen Electronics introduce "Vivid COBs". These new products are ideal for applications which place emphasis on the appearance of commercial products such as retail, signage and supermarkets. Read on to find out more.
October 2015
Marl are pleased to present the new Citizen Electronics Monster COB - up to 60,000 lumens from one COB! Read on to find out more.
August 2015
We interviewed Dave Warburton, Brand Development Manager for Concord Lighting, Havells Sylvania. Dave has been with the company for the past 18 years and is an expert in all things Citizen Electronics and COB. Havells Sylvania have been using Citizen High Quality LEDs in their fixtures for a number of years; Dave offers us his insight into the features and benefits of using some of the most advanced LED COB technology on the market today...
June 2015
Marl are thrilled to announce another leap forward in COB LED technology with the Citizen Electronics COB Series Gen 4. Citizen have yet again achieved the world's highest level of luminous efficacy and staggering increased performance overall for use in products such as bulbs, spotlights, downlights, high bay lights, street lights, floodlights and stadium lights.
March 2015
Marl is delighted to announce that Citizen Electronics have introduced a new range of AC COB+ LED solutions. The new COBs are design-free and wired straight into mains electricity, eliminating the need for a driver design whilst still retaining their small, lightweight design.
February 2015
Marl are proud to announce the newest version of Citizen Electronics COB series, which offers superior vivid colour for the commercial market. How? By making the colour of objects appear more aesthetically pleasing, to place emphasis on the appearance of products such as for store lighting, and lighting for sign boards.