May 2015
On Tuesday 28th April, Distribution Director Graham Round visited the Rural Enterprise Centre in Penrith, supported by Cumbria Rural Enterprise Agency, to present LED lighting for multiple applications, and discuss products that can help businesses make significant savings on lighting energy use and reduce their carbon footprint...
April 2015
Marl are thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of a revolutionary new product for the Outdoor LEDs range - the DRIVELITE ICE. Made from recycled glass, this new driveway brick emulates the look of ice for a beautifully realistic effect. Read more here.
April 2015
On Tuesday 28th April, Marl will be presenting an overview of the benefits of LED lighting as a UK-based design and manufacturer at the Rural Enterprise Centre, Penrith, as hosted by the Cumbria Rural Enterprise Agency. Find out more here.
April 2015
When it comes to LED lighting, the possibilities are endless. Be it for indication, security or atmosphere, as the fastest-moving lighting technology, LEDs are constantly evolving to save energy, reduce our carbon footprint and provide aesthetically pleasing lighting of outstanding quality. In 2013, the Marl Hub was created. Now we tell the story of how it was lit...
April 2015
Marketing Manager Arianna Rawlinson discusses LED lighting for office environments by showing us the different types of LED lighting in the Marl Hub; a completely LED-lit facility.
April 2015
In March 2015, Marl visited Budmaster. Marl have provided linear LED Orion lights, which have been developed alongside Budmaster to maximise the potential for plant growth by concentrating the LED colour in the fixtures. Paul Krasnowski, creator of Budmaster, explains how LED light can aid plant growth.
April 2015
Partnership Signals a New Era in LED Lighting That Meshes Bright, High-Efficiency and Long-Lasting Lighting with High Colour Performance to Deliver "Light People Like"
March 2015
For the past fifteen years, Marl has developed high brightness LED linear strip light products for signage and display illumination; the Orion range. In 2000, the original Orion was developed to work alongside flat panel technology. Throughout the years the product has continually evolved to produce creative and highly useful products to meet a variety of requirements, including museum lighting, architectural illumination, and now, in 2015, even to aid plant growth.