Doug Sim

Business Development Director

Doug Sim

Doug Sim

What do you do at MARL?

As one of the company directors I have responsibility for the Commercial, Sales and Finance teams.





How long have you worked at MARL?

One year.


What’s the best thing about working at MARL?

The people; there’s always a new idea or a harebrained scheme on the go and you get involved in all sorts of things here.


Outside of work, what do you do for fun?

Scuba diving and walking.


What’s your favourite song?

Chasing Rainbows by Shed Seven.


What’s your favourite TV Show or movie?

Shed and Buried and Weekend at Bernie’s.


What’s a little known secret you’re willing to reveal?

If I told you then it wouldn't be a secret…


Random MARL fact

MARL LED Panel Lamps installed in 1970s are still capable of giving good operational service today

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