Mark Harper

Special Projects Design Manager

Mark Harper

Mark Harper

What do you do at MARL?

I design bespoke electronic sub-systems, hardware/software integration for a range of applications predominantly within the Rail and Defence sectors, as well as for the Architectural, Theatrical and Scientific Lighting sectors. I also work on tenders and bids for large scale projects, and create lighting programmes for a number of colour changing installations ranging from architectural ornate gardens to scientific laboratories.




How long have you worked at MARL?

10 years.


What’s your specialty?

My specialty is creating dynamic show programmes for architectural and theatrical lighting installations using dedicated software lighting control systems. I also provide essential support to the Sales team on a daily basis, including new enquiries and bids with a high level of technical detail.


What’s the best thing about working at MARL?

The variety of projects we work on. I also enjoy being able to take a customers' idea and turn it into a viable product, as well as going to site to help with installations and seeing the finished products fitted and working.


Outside of work, what do you do for fun?

I like spending time with my family, watching my boys play football, going away on holiday, attending concerts, DIY and brewing my own beer.


What’s your favourite song?

Too difficult! My taste in music is varied and changes depending on my mood and what I am currently doing!


What’s your favourite TV Show or movie?

Home Alone.


What’s a little known secret you’re willing to reveal?

I have a pub at the bottom of my garden which I built myself during lockdown - fully equipped with my own kegged beer, flash chiller and beer dispense fonts!


Random MARL fact

LEDs typically convert 40% to 50% of their energy consumption to producing light, compared with only 10% to 20% from conventional light sources.

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